CRAZY Summer Offer

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Bring the whole family together and take on Fitness & Self-Confidence this season with our CRAZY Summer Special!

For ONLY $50 per person, you get 8 Classes + T-Shirt

(A total value of $290 per person!!!)

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*Offer is valid towards our Kids, Teens, and Adult Karate classes*

Strengthen Your Mind & Body with Karate

Get ready to experience the most rewarding workout (mentally & physically) for you and your family this summer here at Okinawa Karate & Cultural Center!

Not only will you learn the most effective self-defense skills, but our classes also teach discipline, confidence, focus, and mental resilience.

Secure your CRAZY Summer Special and experience the positive impact our training will have on your life!

Become Part of Our Martial Arts


Here's What to Expect:

  • ​New friends and mentors dedicated to you and your family's success

  • Unbreakable concentration and focus

  • Critical self-defense skills to protect yourself from any threat

  • ​FUN way to stay active and achieve your fitness goals

  • Classes led by world-class instructors

  • ​Exciting, total-body workout

  • Grow your mind, body, and spirit

  • Parents are welcome to attend the kids & teen classes, too!

See What People Across Chantilly are Saying About Us...

"Master Folta is more than a dedicated practitioner of traditional Okinawa Karate. He is an accomplished competitor and instructor. His school is a great family environment where he and his wife's detailed approach is noticeable at every turn. His cultural center and course offerings are more than just martial arts and is an excellent place to learn the culture (music and dance) of Okinawa."

- Thomas M.

"I have been studying karate in Master Folta's school since I was in elementary school, and it's been such an integral part of my growth. I've learned much more than traditional Uechi Ryu karate and self defense; Master Folta has also allowed me to experience Okinawan culture, and teach me many life skills - building confidence, learning perseverance, focus, discipline, and to lead a healthy life. Mental, physical, and spiritual - I've gained something in all three from learning Uechi Ryu karate here." 

- Ashley Q.

"If you are looking for a great place to learn traditional Karate, then there is no better place than the Okinawa Karate and Cultural Center. Master Nestor Folta is the real deal. Trained in Okinawa and a world champion in Uechi Ryu, he teaches a traditional martial art that is practical for self-defense and physical fitness for any skill level or age. The requirements for each belt rank are well-defined, and those who have worked to senior levels are top-notch." 

- Bob P.

Get All Your Questions Answered

Is it $50 per class or $50 for all eight classes?

It's $50 per person for eight one-hour classes and an Okinawa Karate and Cultural Center T-shirt. Kids' Karate classes are at 5 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting June 24th and must be completed within two months after registration.

Is the total value of the eight classes + t-shirt $290?

The eight classes are usually $265, and the T-shirt is typically $25.

Are uniforms required, and how much do they cost?

Uniforms are not required for the 8 CRAZY Summer Offer classes. We request students wear the included Okinawa Karate and Cultural Center T-shirt or one of our official school uniforms, which costs between $75 and $95, depending on the uniform size. Please don’t wear uniforms with other school logos on them.

How long are the classes, and how do they differ from regular classes?

The CRAZY Summer Offer classes start the week after the 4th of July (i.e., Kids ages 6-12 on July 9, Teens ages 13-19 on July 10, and Adults ages 20 and up on July 12). They are expected to be completed within two months. The new students in these classes will focus on Beginner-Level training and techniques.

When are these classes offered?

The CRAZY Summer Offer classes are:

✅ Kid’s Karate is at 5:30 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Parents are welcome to attend any of the Kid’s Karate classes with their child in the same class. Additional classes may be added as necessary. 

✅ Teen Karate is at 5:30 PM on Wednesdays and Fridays. Parents are welcome to attend any Teen Karate classes with their child in the same class. Additional classes may be added as necessary.

✅ Adult Karate is at 6 PM on Fridays and 7 PM on Sundays. Additional classes may be added as necessary.

What is covered in the eight classes for topics & skills?

A typical class will focus on beginner levels, including stretching, stances, balance, physical defense techniques, and supervised sparring. Each class is designed to foster a sense of achievement as students learn the activities, techniques, combinations, and performance standards.

Our training promotes physical defense, high personal standards, and respect for fellow men and women, boys and girls. Responsibility, respect, and self-discipline are our core values. By working with others to achieve common goals, you will learn to feel confident about yourself while enjoying safe and challenging interactions with other like-minded friends.

How close/convenient are you to major highways?

We are located near the Chantilly Expo Center just:

📍 Three miles north of Route 66 by Route 28.

📍 One mile south of Route 50 by Route 28.

📍 Six miles south of the Dulles Toll Road by Route 28.

Free parking?

Yes, we have ample free parking right in front of our facility.

How can I view the facility?

WHY? - Why are you making this CRAZY Summer Offer?

✅ Because we're NEW, and word of mouth is the BEST advertising!

✅ We want to introduce you to our Karate and Cultural Center

✅ We want you to experience the strength, peace, fun, and fitness you’ll enjoy in our classes

✅ We want to hear from you what you like and what we could do better

✅ We want you to share us with all your friends!

👉👉 As part of this great deal, we invite you to give us feedback, offer testimonial quotes for use in our advertising, and encourage you to refer us to your friends, family, and colleagues. We'll even REWARD you for every referral/new client you bring to us!

It's all because we are so confident in how much we offer. We can't wait to share the OKCC experience with YOU!

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